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The “Star of Hanok” Certified Restaurant and Teahouse in Jeonju Hanok Village

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‘Hanokui Byul’ (the Star of Hanok) Certification

The “Star of Hanok” (pronounced “Hanokui Byul” in Korean) is the Jeonju City’s certification given to the local accommodations and restaurants. The local businesses that successfully obtained the “Star of Hanok” certification underwent rigorous screening process. The city plans to continue selecting and managing the local businesses under this scheme.

The “Star of Hanok” is easily found around Jeonju Hanok Village – just look for the signboard hanging at the entrance of the businesses. In this post, I’ll introduce three restaurants certified by the “Star of Hanok”. Below are the lists of the local businesses with the “Star of Hanok” certification and the video on the certification.

<Introduction to the ‘Star of Hanok’ and the list of the certified restaurants>


Shin Bang Yi: kimchi kongnamul gukbap (soybean sprouts soup with rice)

“I researched kimchi for 21 years, and I thought a restaurant is much better than a factory in order to promote my Jeonju kimchi. That’s why I opened my restaurant Shin Bang Yi at Jeonju Hanok Village”. – Kimchi Master Ahn Myung-Ja of Shin Bang Yi

Kongnamul gukbap (soybean sprout soup with rice) is a hearty Korean dish from Jeonju. Unlike the popular ‘Nambu Market style’ kongnamul gukbap (clear broth topped with chopped squid), Shin Bang Yi specializes in ‘kimchi kongnamul gukbap’.

Shin Bang Yi’s kimchi kongnamul gukbap only uses the simple kimchi broth to bring out the bursting flavor.

Simple and familiar but flavorsome like any Korean homemade meal, that is Shin Bang Yi’s kimchi kongnamul gukbap. It’s not difficult to finish a bowl while savoring the deep flavor of the fermented kimchi and crunchy soybean sprout. The side dishes are also different kimchi dishes.

Shin Bang Yi’s kimchi kongnamul gukbap is particularly good as a hangover relief.


Shin Bang Yi
Address: Gyeonggijeongil 153-9, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 010-3682-2282



Gyodong Dawon: traditional Korean teahouse

“How to revive the tradition unique to Jeonju has been on my mind since I entered Jeonju Hanok Village 23 years ago. I opened Gyodong Dawon to revive our spiritual history and cultural space”. – Gyodong Dawon

‘Gyodong Dawon’ is a traditional Korean teahouse renowned for the fermented tea selection and very ‘Jeonju-ish’ atmosphere.

The owner of Gyodong Dawon, passionate about fermented teas, opened the teahouse to promote the ‘hwang cha’ (‘yellow tea’). The ‘hwang cha’ tea is the product of the owner’s personal research.

The tea brewing is very easy. All teas are offered for only 5,000 won per person. If you visit with your friend, it only costs 10,000 won to relax at a nice hanok building.

I ordered the famous hwang cha and also studied the traditional sweets list. There were a range of yang gaeng (sweetened and jellied bean paste), seolki (rice cake), and yak gwa (wheat-based sweet pastry). I ordered yak gwa and received this nice yak gwa plate!

I had some quality time at Gyodong Dawon enjoying the warming sunlight, bitter-sweet hwang cha tea, and traditional sweets. The view of the hanok building and the drying persimmon hanging from the ceiling was really nice too.


​Gyodong Dawon
Address: Eunhaengro 65-5, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-282-7133

Miaedam: Korean dessert café

“Back then, Jeonju Hanok Village lacked a traditional Korean dessert café. Hence, I started by preparing a Korean dessert, one by one. I believe any dish should convey love to make the consumer happy. That’s where the name ‘Miaedam’ come from”. – Miaedam

Located at the center of Jeonju Hanok Village, Miaedam is a dessert café specializing in homemade chapssaltteok (glutenous rice cake with sweet fillings) made from the best local ingredients only.

Everything on the menu, such as ssanghwa tea (medicinal herb tea), jujube tea, and glutinous rice cake with fresh fruit filling, is 100% hand made. The café also serves coffees and smoothies. The dessert dishes are not too sweet. The chapssaltteok box is popular as a souvenir.

If you care about healthy local ingredients and honest taste in desserts, I recommend visiting Miaedam.


Address: Eojingil 44, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-232-6061

The “Star of Hanok” guarantees continued quality services

Every year, the “Star of Hanok” certified businesses undergo consultation, monitoring, and education for the quality control. I expect the “Star of Hanok” continue to signify the quality service for those visiting Jeonju Hanok Village!

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