How an eDreams Prime subscription can save you money on travel in 2022

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Our attention for 2022 is on international travel. It’s been five years since we relocated back to the US and in that time, we’ve only explored the USA in-depth.

We’re fed up with waiting and are now ready to fly over vast oceans for more exotic cultural experiences!

save money on travel

High on our list for international travel in 2022: Paris, London, Dublin, the Greek Islands, and the German Christmas Markets!

Now the girls are in school, we don’t have as much flexibility and have to be more diligent with our planning. 

That includes finding as many deals and discounts as we can to reduce the higher cost of international travel as a family of four.  

We’ll be sharing with you any hacks, products, or services we discover during our planning state to make travel more affordable and effortless. 

Let’s start with eDreams Prime and how it can help you save money with discounted flights across multiple airlines and deals on epic places to stay around the world.

The Way of the Future: Travel Subscription Model

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Ready to save money on travel!

I’m sure as we enter 2022, all of us understand the benefits of subscription services making our life easier, and often cheaper. 

Subscriptions don’t have to start and end on the Netflix and Spotify couch. It can and does extend over into the travel space as well. 

Now more than ever, people want quality at an affordable price. Travel consumers in 2022 have a lot of options. A subscription model can help you lock that in, in a set and forget kind of manner – without forgetting about it!

Travel discounts and deals are even more important in 2022 because of the uncertainty.

What will happen to prices as we sprint out of COVID to foreign shores?

Will prices skyrocket because of demand, or will destinations be luring us in with cheap deals? 

Using eDreams Prime, could be one way you proactively lock in some deals and save money on your next trip abroad. 

After researching the company and their site, and finding legitimate savings, we decided it was worth sharing with you as a useful resource for saving money on travel. 

What is eDreams Prime?

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eDreams is an online travel agency providing plane tickets and accommodation, as well as packages, cruises, car rental and insurance.

It operates like other online flight booking sites, including the ability to set price alert updates, and choose the fun discovery search suggestion of “Make it a surprise and fly me anywhere!!”

They also offer an annual subscription called eDreams Prime, where you can find even further discounts on flights and hotel rooms. (see more here)

eDreams Prime is the largest travel subscription programme in the world, topping 2 million members since its launch in 2017.

It is part of the eDreams ODIGEO brand, which was founded in 1999 and is one of the world’s largest online travel companies. Based in Barcelona, they currently serve 18 million customers in 46 countries globally.

They have the longevity and trustworthy reputation you need for 2022 travel. 

What does eDreams Prime cost?

An annual subscription to eDreams Prime costs $59.99USD

This gives you discounts on all plane tickets booked through their website, including up to 

50% off on accommodation.

2022 is also the year of customer service! Your eDreams Prime membership gives you access to their customer service 24/7.

30 Day Free Trial

There’s also a free 30 day trial for all new customers so you can try it out before paying for the year.

Once you book your flights, and get your prime discount, your 30 day free trial will start. Just cancel before the end of the 30 days if you don’t feel it will save you money on future trips. 

Otherwise, trial will auto-upgrade to paid membership at the end of 30 days ($59.99 USD annual)

Benefits of an eDreams Prime membership

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A quick breakdown of the benefits for you:

  • Discounts on 100% of flights
  • Up to 50% off on accommodation
  • The same discounts for everyone traveling with you (up to 9 people)
  • USA’s cheapest car rental
  • An exclusive 24/7 VIP customer service hotline
  • You can use your Prime discount on every booking with eDreams Prime for the year
  • Members are first to know about special offers and discounts. 
  • “Prime Day”: special offers and discounts (twice a year)

Extra Prime Day Deals

Want even more savings? 

Be ready to book your dream trip on eDreams Prime Day for additional discounts. 

Prime Day happens twice a year. It’s an event offering a few days of extra discounts on flights, hotels, vacation packages and car rentals. 

How much can you save with eDreams Prime?

With an eDreams prime subscription the more you travel, the more you save. Specific savings depend on the cost of your total booking, but you will save on 100% of your bookings. 

Here are some of the average Prime savings per flight:

  • $0-$199:          $25
  • $200-$599:      $45
  • $300 – $499:    $55
  • $500+:   up to $120

I ran a few return flight searches from Raleigh to a couple of destinations we’d love to travel to in 2022. 

The eDreams Prime savings were:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: $43.66 pp 
  • Paris: $31.48 pp
  • Raleigh to London: $50.97 pp

So for our family of four, we’re saving from $120 – $200 on our flights. 

edreams prime
travel subscription

Check multiple variations of your flight options to find the best deal e.g. day of week, time of flight, alternative airports. All prices and savings fluctuate based on many variables. 

Remember, if you are traveling with more than one person, the membership covers the discount for all traveling with you. For group travel, that can amount to big savings. Plus, potentially a lot more once you book the flights and become a member. 

As I am not booking flights yet, I don’t have access to the free subscription trial. I can’t see any prices for their accommodation deals.

 But doing a quick search through their hotel booking portal, I can see an apartment in Paris for 4 nights in March would cost me around $1200. That feels pretty reasonable, so extra savings on that cost once I join the subscription service would be a huge bonus and worth the membership. 

I’m glad I spent some time researching  eDreams and looking at potential prices for our upcoming 2022 travel. 

The prices weren’t as high as I was expecting, so it feels more doable, and if I can travel hack my way to more deals, I’m going to be one happy traveler abroad. 

Now you can see the savings you can make, and you purchase your eDreams Prime subscription, be sure to bookmark the website and check it every time you are planning for or booking a trip. Don’t get too busy with life and forget you have access to these amazing deals.  

3 steps to get started

  1. Choose your flight
  2. Add the eDreams Prime subscription at checkout
  3. Complete booking

 When you add Prime to your booking, your discount will be automatically applied. As soon as your booking is finalized, you’re a member for 12 months. (Remembering you have the 30 day free trial buffer to cancel if you discover it’s not for you)

I like how you add the membership once you’ve found your flights. This is not a wasted subscription cost then. You only sign up once you’ve found the discounted deal. You know immediately the value of getting the Prime membership, without even factoring the additional savings through hotels and Prime Day deals. 

As I’ve shown you, you can recover your eDreams Prime membership cost almost with one flight – in some instances you will. 

Get started here. 

Why should you choose an eDreams Prime Subscription?

Adventure Cove Waterpark - one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids!

If you like saving money on travel, a subscription to eDreams Prime is perfect for you. It’s even more perfect for frequent travelers.

It’s also great for those who don’t want to spend too much time on researching across multiple booking sites, and running endless figures to save just an extra $20. If you want a place you can show up, and book with discounts through a subscription you trust and are familiar with, this may be for you. 

Use the 30 days of free trial to diligently research to see how valuable it will be for you in the long run for consistent travel deals and discounts. 

While solo travelers will see many benefits, it is even better for those traveling as a family or a group, as the discount applies to all members on the booking (up to 9 people)

Solo travelers should make their money back with about two short-haul trips, and those in a group of four or more, can confidently expect to make it back in one trip. 

It’s ideal for frequent travelers, but you could also see savings with those once in a lifetime trips as well. 

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